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    There are a wide variety of Christmas lights on the market ranging from the material, size and style of the light. When choosing the type of Christmas lights you should take into account that you are going to decorate with them, the residence or a commercial area, also the style of the area and the electrical consumption that you have as a limit.

    Lights for the whole year

    In Hang My Christmas Lights we can offer a type of perfect lights that can be adapted to be used throughout the year, its so natural design of small light bulbs in soft tones adapt to any season, they even allow to decorate from a room to a garden and of course you can not miss the Christmas tree.

     Classic Christmas lights

    They have traditional shapes and you can program them in different lighting modes such as constant on, waves and much more ... There are many and they come in very bright colors, perfect for decorating the tree and creating an indoor or outdoor Christmas atmosphere depending on what you want.

    Curtain-style Christmas lights

    These curtain style lights are a very striking diversity and one of the most attractive on the market. They are strips illuminated in a very delicate way with a very soft light. Some have a remote control to program their varied ignition and the consumption of this type of lights is really low and their useful life is very long.

    Novelty Christmas lights

    This type of lights are characterized by their originality. Thanks to the flexible texture it allows to create different effects such as fireworks, waterfalls, bouquets among many more. They are made with a material that allows it to be deformable of high quality and resistant and with a long range of several meters

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