• Professional work, from an interior painting company, can completely transform a home, giving it warmth and personality while increasing the value of your property. At Interior Paiting Oklahoma, every job starts with a consultation. As your interior painting company, we partner with you to understand your vision, and take you through a unique and comprehensive series of questions, which will help guide your selections. Our attention-to-detail at the outset of the project and at every stage throughout ensures your satisfaction..

    What to Expect:

    1. A dedicated project manager and interior painter will work with you to determine the order in which rooms should be painted, and guide you through material and color selection.
    2. Holes, cracks and imperfections on the walls are fixed by your interior painter with joint compound and sanded smooth, and any gaps between trim and walls will be caulked. Baseboards and trim will be dusted and protected, and primer applied as necessary to ensure even and long-lasting adhesion of the paint.
    3. Working top to bottom, Ceilings will be painted first, by your interior painter, followed by the walls and then trim. All surfaces receive a high-quality paint which will leave a uniform and lasting finish.
    4. Light fixtures and outlet covers are then reinstalled, floors are swept or vacuumed, and an interior painter will label the leftover paint for later touch-ups, if necessary.
    5. The project manager will then complete a final walk through inspection with you, and an interior painter will address any areas not to your satisfaction.

  • We are Interior Painting Oklahoma painters delivering reliable painting services throughout Oklahoma. Our services include all of Oklahoma and are provided by painters who are competent experts and present outstanding results with every paint job. We are a professional company utilizing contractors and individuals specialized in all aspects of painting.