• Do you want your kitchen to look like it came right out of an interior design magazine?
    With our Glass Back-splash , you can become the owner of the nicest kitchen or bathroom in your Family and friends. Interior Paiting Oklahoma offer Glass Back-splash  panels in virtually limitless color choices, and can match any colors. We make an incredibly beautiful and unique Glass Back-splash .We have a special facility dedicated for back painted glass to provide our customers with the finest quality of Glass Back-splash.

    This back-painted glass has set the bar very high for beautiful durability. Our skilled experts can create custom colors specified from nearly any color book, and use a state-of-the art spectrometer to ensure the proper intensity of that color. What's more, the use of Starphire® ultra-clear glass for the substrate so that no greenish tint changes the color you specify.

    Technically, we can also run extremely large volumes of product economically - where the first and last piece match perfectly; or very small customized quantities, due to our 45 years of experience. And, we can run sizes ranging as small as 4in. x 4in. up to 96in. x 144in. (minimum restrictions may apply).

    The unique heat-cured process burns off VOCs and creates an extremely strong bond to the glass without being brittle. Lastly, each piece has a second protective coating applied, which is also heat-cured to protect the beautiful color. This protects the product during handling and installation as well as adding opacity and preventing any chance of mastic bleed-through.

    Interior Paiting Oklahoma manufactures high quality colored glass surfaces for residential, commercial, retail & hospital applications. Dedicated to new innovation and design, Interior Paiting Oklahoma  is widely recognized as an industry standerd – specializing in high quality back painted glass!
    If you are looking to use back painted glass in your project, Interior Paiting Oklahoma  provides an easy & convenient solution. We have unlimited colors available and will match any paint manufacture color. We only use the highest quality  to create our product.
    Paiting Oklahoma  is committed to delivering a premium level service - providing speed, quality and simplicity throughout the entire process. 
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