• According to feng shui, how should your room be painted?
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    According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, colors have enormous power and influence on our mood, perception and emotions. From colors that fill us with joy to grim and not-so-attractive tones, it is important to know that colors stimulate the different sensations and emotions in our brain to ensure comfort and emotional fullness, especially in our own room. 
    Looking beyond personal tastes, the colors in the interior architecture according to Feng Shui must be embodied to stimulate specific sensations such as: calm, tranquility or joy.
    Blues and blues are perfect for relaxation
    Paint the walls sky blue if you want to meditate and relax in your bedroom. Blue is considered to be ethereal, spiritual. Pale green is a soothing color that also looks good in a bedroom because it creates a feeling of freshness and a sense of hope. Avoid using too much red or orange. They are passionate colors that could mitigate against an atmosphere of rest.
    Looking for privacy? Pink is for you!
    A fusion between two colors results in pale pink, ideal color for those looking to project a sense of intimacy in their bedroom. This color contains red, tone that denotes passion and fire; while white is the representation of love, peace and romance. According to experts, pink is one of the favorite colors within Feng Shui to paint and decorate the room, as long as the room is not saturated.
    Neutral tones are perfect for lightening the environment
    Colours such as beige, light brown, white and pastel tones such as sky blue or old pink are perfect for lightening and creating a sense of tranquility and peace, especially when one of these colors is in combination with white. These colors produce pleasant sensations since being poorly saturated, they are not a distraction factor for the mind, letting the user relax and can rest quietly.
    Keep the d├ęcor in harmony with the colors
    Seeking contrast balance and a true reflection of our personality is indispensable when creating the interior design of the room, always keeping in mind that the room should be projected as a quiet and resting place.
    Choose colors that balance your personality 
    If you are an active and dynamic person, the ideal thing to enter your room is to leave all the a shake outside, achieving this through the colors you select for your room. The green and blue tones are perfect for calming the mind, contrasting with your usual psychological state. Whether you're prone to indecision, laziness, or hard-to-be in a good mood, yellow, orange or red will be your allies to lift your spirits.
    Don't overdo it!
    Maintaining the order and visual harmony between the colors you select for your room is paramount as too many colors can over-stimulate the brain creating unpleasant sensations such as confusion or agitation. A simple trick is to limit the palette to a primary color and maximum two secondary tones, as we can see in this image. White is the perfect canvas to splash with vibrant tones for a balanced contrast between colors
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