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    The bedroom is the room where you want to be more at ease, the place that offers more privacy than in any other in the house. And painting, as well as decoration or layout, has a lot to say when it comes to creating comfortable environments that invite relaxation, tranquility and rest.
    In any room, the painting of the walls is a decorative element capable of marking its own style. In the case of the bedroom, it is especially important considering that, surely, it will be the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first visual impression that your eyes capture when you wake up.
    The tones and colors, as well as its distribution and composition, will influence when it comes to creating that harmonious atmosphere that makes your bedroom that place where you can feel most comfortable and the one that best reflects your own personality.
    The best options for painting a bedroom
    As a general idea, the walls of a room designed for rest ask for soft tones, although you have very different options that also support vivid and cheerful colors that, well combined, can achieve the aesthetic balance that a bedroom needs.
    In addition to your tastes and the way you are, when choosing the colors of the rooms you have to take into account two important details: the size and space available, also, the natural light that enters each morning in the room.
    For small rooms and low-light interior rooms, white is always a wise choice. It will give you a feeling of greater amplitude, luminosity and will look good with any type of furniture you choose. In addition, it will give prominence to fundamental decorative details in a bedroom such as textiles: quilts, Nordic covers, cushions. 
    In larger rooms, white can also serve as the perfect base to combine with other shades, allowing you to create very personal spaces. For example, for a nursery, playing with whites and blues is a good choice and making your composition in white and green tones, you will have a cool, cozy space with a nice natural touch.
    If you prefer dark colors, they are also a possible option, as long as you have a spacious bedroom and combine them so that you don't create a "dreary" effect. A dark olive green in the headboard area, in contrast to softer tones, such as the so fashionable mint, on the rest of the walls, can be very elegant and cozy, as well as a similar combination, but playing with a dark blue velvety effect and less dense and deep tones.
    Neutral tones, a safe choice
    Soft greys are one of the most elegant ranges you can bet on. Grey is a must-see this season and has also arrived in the rooms. In pearl finishes, next to white, gives a fantastic result and if you want, you can also create combinations with darker tones along with lighter ones, a perfect idea for a modern bedroom and minimalist airs.
    The beiges, sand and nude are most relaxing. They are colors that, in addition, combine perfectly with the style you prefer. Soft browns go phenomenal, for example, for a bedroom with wooden floors and, on the other hand, a nude with pink or mauve hues, is perfect to give a cozy touch to a room with ceramic floor.
    Another good possibility are the pastel tones: sky blue, pink, yellow or soft violets, create warm environments, ideal for rest, and also, they put an ideal romantic point for a rustic-style bedroom or for a room not too big but very bright.
    Some original ideas to inspire you
    One of the most current decorative trends when painting the walls of the bedroom, is to clearly differentiate the cloth where the headboard is located. It is very nice to place in this part of the room a stronger tone, which stands out from the rest of the walls. For example, you can try painting the walls in cozy, soft sand tones and, in contrast, the headboard wall in a powerful terracotta. 
    Another of the newest options is to include vivid tones at certain points to give a bedroom personality of its own. Imagine a guest room or a children's room painted in pale yellows, but including in a column or as a frame of a built-in wardrobe, a great mustard or orange tone.
    As a last suggestion, you also have "unfinished" effect paintings that are very original and are ideal for a room where you want a practical, modern and "urban" style.
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