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    The room is a space where you get to relax and enjoy your free time and also to live together. The right colors on the walls can help you make this space an oasis of calm or a vibrant place to recharge. Grab your brush because surely after reading you will want to give a new look to this special atmosphere of home.
    Combination of white and jade green
    The white of the ceiling and walls illuminates the room and makes it look larger. The jade green accent wall becomes the center of attention of the living room walls. This shade makes the room feel like an oasis. Add potted plants and other elements in earth colors.
    The ever-appreciated white
    This color is totally timeless and combines with everything. In addition, it is economical, expands the space, especially if it is small, and illuminates it. The only downside is that stains and dirt are noticed more than on walls of another color.
    A blue ocean
    If you were looking for colors for the room, the blue could not be missing, because it will make you feel like you are on vacation. The blue ocean is one of the best colors for the room because it transmits tranquility and is perfect for resting.
    Wine colour
    The color wine is a novel proposal that suits the accent walls. It is an elegant and refined color that gets along beautifully with furniture in a neutral palette.
    Lime green
    If you live in a warm place and your living room has good natural light you can opt for a tropical touch with a lime green wall. Combining it with a tile is one of the best options. 
    Grey and white
    A timeless combination: grey and white works for both modern and classic spaces. In a combination of neutral tones you can choose to have touches of color through the accessories. If you keep the furniture in the same palette as your walls you will achieve greater visual cohesion and therefore the appearance of a wider room.
    Details about white
    At the end of the day, the target is still the big pampered for small spaces but it doesn't have to be boring. Adding frames or vinyls is an accessible and very personal way to bring the room to life no matter its size.
    Beige paint and wood texture
    A good way to dimension small walls is to play with textures. A blend of quintessential neutral beige and a wood-finished wall adds warmth to the room.
    Red hot
    Another bold color is red, ensures immediate energy and it is best to balance it with furniture and white details to create contrast. Always try to paint the ceiling a lighter color than your walls, that will help create the illusion of a higher ceiling and therefore a larger room.
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