• Beige, a classic in wall decoration and painting
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    Beige or beige remains an appropriate choice for many. In the face of insecurity, it's a wise decision. Gradually the desired environment is achieved with the furniture and fabrics added to the whole, creating a simple but elegant climate.
    It was always the wild color that gets along with any shade in fabrics and woods. You feel good about white, brown and black. White is almost an obligatory companion, and looks great regardless of whether more colors are used or not.
    Nordic style
    One of the main elements of the Nordic style is wood. In Scandinavian-style compositions, it is usually here where the color beige appears. In addition, it is used to paint walls as it results in cozy rooms. In combination with grey and pastel elements it gives rise to spaces with a lot of personality.
    Renewed classic style
    The beige color in large textiles creates a perfect base for any style. The carpets based on these shades add spaciousness to the rooms. In addition, beige sofas are the perfect element for any living room, because in addition to providing luminosity and not recharging the atmosphere allow to combine cushions of any shade. Thus, we can easily change them and we will have a totally different decoration investing very few resources and effort.
    The beige is a sober color, which mixed with golden tones gives shape to very elegant spaces.
    It is widely used in interiors where you want to maintain a classic atmosphere but with modern touches. Combining this color with furniture with refined lines and some more classic touch, such as moldings or the drawing of booths on the walls, a very sophisticated balance is achieved for representative spaces, such as offices, or also halls.
    Romantic style
    The bedrooms are spaces to transmit peace, calm and feeling of relaxation. To achieve, in addition, give a romantic touch, a good idea is to combine the beige (in its lighter tones) with the white and some element of glass. The beige color is a great ally to decorate children's rooms, since, combined with any pastel tone, it conveys a feeling of innocence and sweetness.
    Add cupboards in this tone with booths and get that romantic air of English dollhouse. In this image, the beige appears mixed with a touch of pink in textiles and accessories.
    Industrial style
    The mixture of beige and white gives rise to simpler interiors; not simple. Both colors are the perfect duo to bring a feeling of peace and calm.
    A good idea is to combine different woods. Also, nothing happens if they have different veins as long as there is a common spot in the color. 
    In this style there is usually the mixture of the two ranges of base colors, gray and beige. In industrial spaces grey usually appears in floor concrete, in carpentry while the beige color, present in brick walls, wooden beams, helps to counteract cold tones.
    Rustic style
    Wooden furniture always adds a touch of warmth in any space.
    Leather is another material that can be used to play with these shades. It is a success in seats because it brings to the environment strength and representativeness. Combined with black it puts a very masculine and very powerful point visually.
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