• A color that inspires well-being and warmth: cream
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    The cream color has its origin in nature; the sand of the beach, the land or the stones are some of the elements that represent it. This shade perfectly matches the wide palette of natural colors such as the shades of ivory and beige. And it is very elegant when used as a monochrome effect in a room for example, covering all shades from palest to darkest.
    Bright and sober
    To preserve the luminosity of a room it is ideal to keep its white walls, of course, in this case do not hesitate to use: cream. At night, this color allows the room to become a magical stay as it will collect a beautiful golden light; that is, you will get a very special atmosphere both day and night.
    How to combine it?
    Working the cream color in chiaroscuro allows you to play with repetitive motifs, with smooth, with stripes or a single motif. It is a tone that adapts perfectly to light wood furniture and allows to mix the prints.
    Finally, it will be majestic with a decoration of reds and roses because the essential quality of the cream is to serve as the basis for the most intense colors. This allows you to change decoration depending on your tastes and is a great color as a basis for temporary transitions such as winter to summer. So you can easily replace blankets, cushions, curtains (textiles in general) or frames to renew colors (and decoration) without excessive work and cost.
    What is the ideal room for cream color?
    This natural color adapts perfectly to virtually any room of the house, so it will provide a peaceful atmosphere. Living in a home where cream predominates is synonymous with truly feeling in a home. A couple of tips:
    - If you are afraid that your living room is too neutral you can stimulate it with dark wood furniture.
    - Its use is also ideal in a bedroom where you want to give a serene and rested atmosphere. In this same logic, do not hesitate to associate it with various chiaroscuros of whites and beige to dress the room.
    - On the contrary, such a combination would hurt to decorate a lobby with, for example, cream tones and a broken white carpet to cure us in health with the cleaning of the latter when guests come.
    We recommend that you be careful when: 
    With the use of cream colors, there are two important difficulties that must be saved:
    - Avoid simplicity: to do this, do not hesitate to play with the contrasts. Indeed, if all your d├ęcor is inclined to light tones, do not hesitate to reinforce the color of the floor to avoid the sensation of movement.
    - Respects its expressive trend: as for grays, cream tones contain notes of yellows or roses. Accessories or details must be of the same color or at least a complementary tone.
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