• What are the best colors to paint the bathroom?
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    Color is one of the manifestations of decoration, in any room, that most impacts the appreciation of the wearer. The color in the bathroom must be dosed and give importance to the space where it will be applied before deciding lightly by some color or tone just because it is to your liking. Bathrooms, large or small, usually require one color or another. This is because a dark color visually shrinks the dimension of space and for a small bathroom you have to know which wall is painted so as not to dwarf it further, for example.
    A fresh, clean tone? Mint green!
    In a medium or powdery tone the nuance is romantic. In a more vivid version it is dynamic and always cool. In addition, it has the cleaning nuance associated with water. The mint is a suitable color to paint the bathroom, color it and not get tired of it. It is suitable both in windowed and without bathrooms (because it will not get too dark even if it does not have natural light).
    The dark grey, a very elegant neutral
    Sophisticated with metallic details (copper and gold) or contemporary and feminine with pink stick or nude. Dark grey is a good shade to paint the bathroom when you want to surprise. Either in a toilet in which we are sought to impact or in a large space so that over time the intensity of the color does not overwhelm us.
    Dark grey: almost black and white
    If these are the predominant colors in the bathroom the result will be a space of contrasts and timeless. With white or neutral, the brushstrokes in dark gray or black will lighten up quite a bit. To give it warmth, use the wood in a natural tone.
    The same idea but with a different result: light grey
    It is a neutral color that will adapt to all styles at this intensity, although it is always more associated with contemporary trends.
    Blue 'Klein' 
    Do you presume to be bold? As the blue or Klein blue, a vibrant and intense variety of blue color, it is ideal to paint a bath in search of a striking effect. The blank toilets will be like lights in the set and if you resort to metallic details it will acquire a luxurious and very current hue.
    Warm but calm tones: land
    This color range is one of the most praised in decoration for the warmth and tranquility it brings to interior design. Earth tones are perfect for creating neutral bases. Why are they useful for painting the bathroom? Because the tendency is to make bathrooms very confrontational spaces and because of the materials and use that is made, it is often that they feel cold. Earth tones will give warmth. In a medium intensity they are also elegant and personal, totally different from the clearer versions.
    Paint the bathroom on a smooth wall or tiles
    When we think about painting the white we do it on the ideal: a smooth wall or ceiling. Plastic paints are suitable for their strength. But if you want to transform your bathroom with a low cost budget, without changing tiles because you avoid the works, you can also paint them with any of the colors that we are proposing. Currently, many brands offer specific paints (enamel type) to paint tiles in basic colors but also in lessseen ones.
    When painting tiles with paint it is important that you follow the manufacturer's instructions. The surface should be very clean, usually a pre primer is applied and then the specific paint.
    The greens, perfect for painting the bathroom
    They are clean, cheerful, fresh, natural. The green color can have many nuances depending on the hue and intensity. Here a pastel green color has been combined with grey and white. Green conveys harmony and relaxes so if you are looking for a particular spa it may be the option you were looking for.
    Any shade is good for painting the bathroom if you combine it properly with other finishes and at the right dose. It all also depends on shades and the effect you are looking for. There are no forbidden colors although red is aggressive and is not so much associated with the routines that are carried out in this house stay, so it is not common to see it. Perhaps, something else in children's baths where loud, cheerful and vibrant colors appear, combined with each other.
    Paintings with effect
    In the market you will find paints with effects that can help you achieve that much-desired cement look in the bathroom without resorting to microcement. The cement-effect, sand or stucado paints adapt to rustic-style bathrooms but also to the most contemporary and industrial ones. This sandy tone with the waters couldn't be more inspiring.
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