• How to divide environments with colors?
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    When it is difficult to divide environments, color comes to our aid. Useful alternative to differentiate spaces in the home, one of the options is to use different tones on the different walls, which helps accentuate the division between two spaces such as the living room and dining room or the kitchen and dining room. In addition, it is an extremely practical, fun and simple option.
    However, it should not be forgotten that the dimensions of the space are of the utmost importance: that is, if they are small environments, it is advisable to choose light colors. However, if the place is wide, you can use strong colors and achieve different contrasts between one area and another.
    Tips for dividing spaces
    If the room you want to paint offers several functions, in the image of an open kitchen, the painting will ideally be used to delimit each space. In this precise case, it is about adding a different color to the walls depending on whether we are in the kitchen, dining room or living room. The same is true for the office space integrated into the bedroom or living room, as well as for a bedroom shared by two people.
    If you have small rooms that have only one function, there is always a means to compartmentalize them. To do this, simply paint the part of the wall behind or several reference furniture in the room. In the living room, for example, you can choose a different color to paint the wall on which the library or sofa will be supported.
    Highlight the details and let your imagination run wild
    For a result of the most original, it is recommended to use various paint colors to highlight the details of the same room. After you have painted the walls, you should choose one or more colors in order to highlight the opening of a door or the outline of a window. Likewise, you can create a colored circle around an applique in order to highlight the light that will diffuse.
    For lovers of stripes and graphic lines, you can let the imagination fly in order to customize the walls with various colors. In reality, there are no precise rules, since the only recommendation is to take care of the finish when painting the straight lines.
    On the other hand, it seems sensible to paint a horizontal line of a different color than the initial color of the wall, in order to delimit the top of the bottom of the room. For the height of the line, it is good to refer to the workspace for the kitchen, or take as a reference the sofa in the living room.
    As you can see, limiting a space with paint, can be an excellent idea to divide the house in a virtual way, since in truth, the measures of space are not changed, although the feeling of inhabiting in differentiated areas.
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