• What are the most common errors or problems when painting a wall?
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    Sometimes during the painting of a wall arise some inconveniences to which we do not find a quick explanation, but have a simple solution. I'm sure they'll complicate our work, but they're usually due to poor surface preparation or paint application.
    Why are there bubbles left when the roller passes?
    On textured walls this is no problem, on smooth walls can make the surface not completely perfect. It is advisable to use a short hair roller, precisely because the long hair and the sponge ones are the ones that cause these bubbles.
    Why does the paint drip or run down the wall?
    This happens because the paint is too diluted. Usually the material comes ready to use, in case the wall has a lot of absorption it is necessary to add just a little water or solvent, as appropriate according to the type of product used.
    Why doesn't the painting cover?
    The above case may be one of the causes, the paint is too diluted. Another reason may be that the roller is not loaded with enough material, so applying consecutive hands does not completely cover the previous color. Do not try to make the paint perform more than indicated and respect the drying time between hands.
    Why does the painting when drying crack?
    If you have just painted and once dry the paint is cracked or broken it may be that the material, for some reason, has not properly adhered to the wall. Possibly the presence of grease, oils or glue. To solve the problem you should let the entire surface dry, remove the peeled material and remove what is causing the inconvenience with soap and water, rinse, let dry, apply a primer hand to the solvent, and once dry repaint.
    Why does the paint come off immediately when the roller passes?
    This usually happens when there is some kind of moisture or saltpeter in the wall. The sector can be brushed so that the paint does not rise with the roller, but it will certainly not last long. This is a bigger problem.
    Why do stains surface once painted?
    Sometimes when painting stains come out again that we thought would cover the paint, usually they are stains of mold rust, smoke, soot or any other substance that dissolves with the solvent of the paint, becoming visible once the paint to dry. To fix the problem, what causes the stain should be removed. If you have already painted test with a hand of synthetic matte finish paint (background for wood or synthetic enamel), or primmer to solvent, and once dry continue with the usual paint. The best thing in these cases is to properly prepare the surface, cleaning the walls properly before painting them.
    Why are there any marks left on the brush?
    If you notice that the wall is scratched with the paint when you pass the brush, try loading it properly, without stretching the paint too much. Use a soft bristle brush in good condition.
    Why are there any roller marks left when using glossy or glossy paint?
    When painting a wall the paint begins to dry quickly in contact with the surface and air. That is why the work should be done as quickly as possible without trying to notice the roller passes or the joints between cloths. It should not turn back by reviewing a painted sector. One wall should be painted at a time.
    Why is the paint blistering?
    When the paint blisters the safe drawback is the presence of moisture in the wall. Even if it is only a small sector and does not represent gravity in the structure of the wall can cause the paint to blow and blister.
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