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    Painting a house or a cabin of it seems simple, but a series of tips or recommendations must be followed so that the result we obtain is satisfactory. 
    Empty the room if possible
    The first thing to do is to prepare the room or the space to be painted to try to stain as little as possible. Ideally, remove all objects and furniture, but if it is not possible, the furniture should be covered with plastics or fabrics. In addition, the floor should also be covered, with newspaper preferably.
    Before applying the paint, any damage to the ceiling must be fixed. Cracks and moisture are very common and there are numerous products on the market to solve such imperfections.
    The preparation of the paint to be applied, should be made in a large and deep container so that, when removing it, it can be done as comfortably as possible. With regard to the chosen painting, it must be known that there are many types. More and more common are those that come with an anti-drip system.
    Step by step, very simple
    The process of painting a ceiling correctly is explained below through a few simple steps:
    - You have to start painting on the ledges. With a brush or brush, the entire perimeter of the angle between the ceiling and the walls is reversed in the area where the roller cannot be applied.
    - Imaginary squares are drawn that cover the entire surface of the ceiling to be painted.
    - Starts with the roller from the corner of the door wall to the window. Then, you move towards the area where the light enters and avoids returning on an already painted surface.
    - This first layer is allowed to dry. Once dried, a second coat of paint is applied crossing the direction of the roller.
    - To finish the process, the painted surface is smoothed in the same direction as the first layer, towards the light, without adding paint to the roller.
    With this simple operation you will get a magnificent result and the ceiling will look showy and bright. In addition, the expense will be minimal, as no professional will need to be hired to do the job.
    The ceiling will give a double satisfaction; on the one hand it will be perfectly painted and on the other, the pleasure of having done it with our own hands.
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