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    Tired of hearing about girls' bedrooms and boys' bedrooms? If you're one of those who thinks it's not good to make distinctions, if you resign yourself to using pink for the "princesses" and blue for the "little men", you're sure to be interested in these ideas for a unisex children's bedroom.
    Let our children choose the colors they feel best with. Let's not impose tones by gender from a young age. Bet on unisex rooms and learn that they can also be most personal.
    The traditional neutrals: yellow and green water
    While many mothers no longer prefer them because within neutrals are the most common, if certain decoration elements are used with intelligence and good taste there will be no problem in obtaining an elegant, modern and functional room for babies of both sexes.
    The green water
    In addition to being charming, this color provides a sense of peace and contact with nature.
    The new neutrals: red, grey and black
    I know you may never have thought of red or gray as colors for your baby, let alone black! But if they are used well the result is sensational. And if you don't want to paint any walls, you can use other red elements such as carpets, curtains, flowers, among others.
    Fourth with black elements
    And, of course, the combination of black and white looks elegant and stately. The idea is to prepare a white room and the colored notes will be provided by the other decoration accessories (e.g. in red or black). Such items are not the most expensive thing in the room and can even be purchased once the baby is born.
    A blank canvas for coloring 
    Why opt for a color when you can use them all? Yes, children's dormitories should be a magical world in which the child experiences with each and every shade of the world. To do this, an excellent option is to bet on white walls. Do you think that's contradictory? Not so much. If you paint the walls white, you can bring all that vivid color through the textile. Balance is served; and is that the walls will manage to create a unsanced thread, while yellow, pink, green or blue are scattered in the form of carpets, cushions, toys and other decorative elements.
    Stripes and polka dots
    Wallpapers or patterned on the walls are also a good idea in a unisex bedroom. The truth is that the striped papers, both vertical and horizontal, give a lot of play providing a visual effect of the most dynamic.  Something similar also happens with moles, which also seem like more cheerful. As for the colors, follow a little the previous trend, bet on neutral colors to be able to highlight more vibrant colors in other types of decorative elements.
    Which one are you going to be eligible for?
    It's not easy, is it? Because all these neutral colors to decorate your baby's room have their charm.
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