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    Curved and feminine lines framed in places with white backgrounds, chic details, floral prints and wicker furniture are some of the key elements that define the cottage style. You want to meet him?
    Cottage style, also known as Country Chic, comes directly from English cottages. With a classic yet elegant touch, this decorative trend is characterized by a passion for the ancient elements and the care of the small decorative details. Coming from England you can guess that this style doesn't come out much of the classic English style. So you could say it's a combination of English style (country or rustic). The result is cozy atmospheres with rural touches and nods to the Victorian era.
    Cottage-style basics
    The star materials for this decorative trend are porcelain, wood or wrought iron. The key to this trend is the passion for the ancient elements, so any of these materials has to be represented in creations with "history". As in the traditional English style, romantic cut prints are very present in cottage environments.
    You can combine them with smooth upholstery to avoid an overwhelming feeling. The range of tones that reigns in this type of environment are those inspired by nature. You can opt for earth, white or beige colors. 
    A good way to combine them is with stronger colors such as dark blues, deep greens or reds. White wooden furniture with natural color tops are star elements in the cottage style. In this rustic English style the natural plants are very well received. Remember that this style is country, so the natural elements can not be missing inside your home.
    The worn or rustic effect is essential in the cottage style. It should focus on the use of aged or white woods, complementing it with wicker furniture. Another resource is upholstered elements and the use of outdoor field furniture. The best ally of this style are curved and neutral-toned sofas accompanied by printed or simple cushions. In the dining room, you can mix a pair of wooden chairs with simple lines, an aged bench and two upholstered chairs to contrast the space. It is also very common, within the cottage style, to combine outdoor and interior furniture both in the interior spaces of the homes and in the gardens or terraces.
    Unique pieces
    The key to this decoration is to have elements that refer to the past. Visit fairs, antiques businesses or auctions to find them or accept those furniture from Grandma that you find so hard to see the potential. It doesn't matter if they're broken: you can restore and re-upholster them, so you're going to have an updated piece of furniture without investing a lot of money. Also focus on accessories such as ceramics, vases, vases, chandeliers and ancient tea games, among others.
    Above the prints 
    The cottage style uses "toile de Jouy" prints a lot, which were created in Ireland but were very popular in Britain and France in the 18th century. This decorative pattern consists of a white or neutral background with a repetitive pattern of a complex scene, usually of rustic activities such as grazing or having a picnic near a lake. The illustration should be of a single color (usually black, dark red or blue) although the less common ones such as brown, magenta or green are also found. Currently, the "toile de Jouy" prints have been modified, as new colours and designs have been implemented.
    Let's bring the walls to life
    The walls also have to have life and this can be achieved by placing a boiserie or making a collage with framed images. On these canvases you can play with worn wood elements, such as using a pair of doors as a bed backrest. You can also add vintage objects placed on ledges or hung on the walls.
    Bringing nature into nature 
    This style goes hand in hand with flowers and plants because it is based on nature. Use bouquets of simple florals, such as a bouquet of country flowers for the field to enter the room. Remember that plants and flowers are elements of color that you can use in areas with many elements as long as they have neutral or white tones.
    Deco objects
    Natural fiber baskets of all sizes are ideal for achieving the rustic effect. Materials such as wicker, reed, rattan, jute, among other interwoven fibers should be used, and their shapes can be round, oval, square or rectangular. The style also uses painted in white or neutral tones to match the design. Some are embellished with fabric covers or decorative elements such as flowers, lace or buttons. This style is so diverse that you can mix inside various elements commonly used on the outside, such as bird cages, tables or wicker chairs.
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