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    If you have a piece of furniture that you find boring, old or tired of it, give it a second chance before throwing it away. Get ready to have a new piece of furniture with just a brush and a paint can. Renew, restore, rejuvenate or simply change color. A hand of paint can turn an old piece of furniture into your new furniture. So choose a day, prepare a basic kit and get to work.
    How to paint on different materials?
    Well, yes, it happens to all of us, we see a DIY program and we want to do it all. That old piece of furniture that now looks just fresh out of the factory with paint alone, and we think, how did they do it? Does that material absorb that paint? because of course, painting wood a priori may seem easy, but always each of the materials has a trick.
    Painting wood may seem simple at first, but it always has a trick. Untreated wood is a clear example that prior knowledge is needed for this material to adhere well to painting.
    The first thing to do is to prepare the surface. To keep it correct, we will have to sand the first layer first, after this with the help of a brush removes the remaining sawdust. If you want the wood to be smooth and free of openings, apply a layer of lids and let it dry. Now you will have a smooth and uniform surface, perfect for applying a layer of enamel. Once the enamel is ready, apply another coat of paint.
    If you have an old piece of furniture that you want to change the color to, you have two options: decay the paint or leave it the same color. If you decide to leave it the same color, but the paint is in bad condition, what you have to do is gently sand the surface, clean it very well until there is no sawdust or wood shavings left, and paint it. Ideally, give it two layers of paint, because with the first layer you run the risk that it will not adhere well. However, if you decide to pick it up, the first thing to do is to use a stripper. Bubbles will be created on the surface while the paint falls off. With the help of a spatula you should remove the falling paint. Afterwards, you will have to clean the furniture, sand it gently, apply a layer of lids and finally repaint it.
    Plastic is one of the most troubled materials for the paint to adhere correctly. Although there are paints that adhere well to the plastic without the need for primer, usually this type of paints you have to let them dry for at least 10 hours. After this, you will have to apply a layer of acrylic enamel and let dry for 10 hours, then apply a second layer, and ready. It is necessary to use a specific paint for PVC, because if we can not deteriorate the element.
    Another of the great enemies of painting is metal. The first thing to do if you want to paint a metal, iron or forge object well, will be to clean it with a scouring pad, water and soap. To remove the rust you will have to use a metal bristle brush and rub until all the debris is sautéed. If you have any major damage or noticeable deterioration, you must apply plastic putty and let it dry. After this, the metal can be properly painted. Like plastic, metal needs a specific paint and proper treatment. Apply an anti-oxide enamel to make your object last longer.
    To paint tiles the first thing you have to do is clean the surface well. Apply a layer of enamel directly, for large areas we recommend that you use roller or gun, instead, for smaller ones it is better to use a brush or brush. Ideally, apply two layers of enamel and then a matte or glossy layer to protect the paint.
    To paint glass or glass ideally you use latex paint, it withstands temperature changes well without the paint changing. To paint glass it is ideal that it is a type of paint that supports the exteriors.
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