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    The colors are present in all the pieces and surfaces of the house: furniture, fabrics, accessories and of course the walls. As you know, with the predominant colors of the set of elements that conform to the setting of a room, you can also define more precisely the style that you want to print to the decoration.
    Why is it important to choose the colors well for the interiors of the house?
    Through color you can increase the potential of spaces, making them look wider, more illuminated, deeper and also why not, more original. Let's learn more about interior colors and their combinations.
    Ruler to adapt and combine colors in the interiors:
    "The right amount of different colors to paint the interior of the house". Decorators use a ruler to apply colors properly and it works as follows: 
    - 60% of a color must be predominant.
    - 30% of an intermediate color. 
    - 10% will be accent notes.
    Neutral color combination for the interiors of a small house:
    If your home is small, it's ideal to opt for interior colors that help natural light spread easily in every corner. Carefully observe which wall receives the most light in your home, eye, is not always the wall of the window and paint it a light color like white or beige. 
    The walls around you can go in other shades looking first and foremost for harmony in the environment.
    Combination of colors to achieve a contemporary style inside the house:
    How to combine the colors to paint the walls of the interior of the house? In contemporary proposals, there is a clear predilection for using dark colors, as these provoke a sense of elegance and sometimes mystery, perfect for a modern room. When these shades are used, they must be accompanied by light colors so as not to obtain a dreary and heavy atmosphere.
    Coffee, blue or purple must be accompanied by the luminous contrast of white or beige.
    Interior paints in strong and neutral colors:
    Painting a wall of the house to be the protagonist. In the design and decoration of interiors it is necessary to generate a focal point, so the walls in dark colors are perfect. On this painted wall can be displayed a painting, place near it a sculpture, in the bedroom the bed can go on this wall.
    In the confined spaces, you should look to paint with a color that illuminates, otherwise the dimension may be perceived less.
    Color combination for interiors in different shades of gray:
    Today the gray color is undoubtedly the favorite for the walls of the house. It is a neutral color that combines with different colors and does well in different styles.
    It is an elegant, avant-garde color and has several shades so no matter the size of the house or the room to be renewed, it can be applied ensuring its success. The combination of grey and white to paint the walls of the house is already a classic, versatile and flexible combination that allows the inclusion of colorful furniture and accessories to enrich the decoration of the home.
    Combination of gray and red to paint the walls of the room:
    Grey is a neutral color that seamlessly supports vibrant sparks as red would. This combination is perfect for modern ambiances and decorations.
    The combination of gray, black and white for the walls of the house:
    The trio of neutral colors par excellence can look sensational to paint the walls of a small house. Dark colors are known to tend to reduce spatial sensation, but as mentioned above, dark colors are chosen to emphasize a point or texture of the wall.
    Pastel colors to paint the walls of the house:
    Pastel colors can give a very cozy effect when painting with them the walls of the house. These colors can help the spaces look wider and brighter, as well as provoke relaxing sensations, such as pink, which in combination with white, manages to illuminate the 100 rooms of the house.
    A touch of lilac to paint a wall of the hallway:
    If there are environments that are difficult to combine by their characteristics, it is the corridors. The corridors are usually narrow which limits the placement of accessories to enhance their beauty and are also usually dark spaces. To give more luminosity to the aisle environment, you can choose to apply a layer of mauve color, naturally accompanied by the white color.
    Which of these colors and color combinations is your favorite?
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